"Our workplace has recognised the need for change in how we address the mental health and emotional well being of our staff. Introducing Vision In Mind Stay Well Action Plans has given managers in our organisation a really useful tool that allows us to take both a coordinated and collaborative approach in responding to mental health issues.

I have been able to tailor the Stay Well Action Plan to fit individual needs and circumstances and at the same time allow the responsibility for a staff members mental health needs to be in their control with an agreement on how I can best support my staff member clearly in place.

Thanks Fay for providing us with a tool that assists managers identify best how we can support our staff and work towards positive mental health outcomes together".

Julie Greig, Operations Manager, Family Law Courts, Adelaide Registry

"The feedback from our staff following the mental health training delivered by Fay has been extremely positive. Overall, staff have an increased awareness of mental health issues. They feel more confident in asking clients questions relating to mental health and emotional well being and they can appropriately assist clients access services in the community that provide support in preventative, responsive and emergency situations."

Bob Gregory, Manager National Projects, Family Court of Australia

”It was a real honour to have you as our guest speaker at our recent staff  forum Refresh, Renew, Reframe.   Your performance was nothing short of brilliant and all present found you to be extraordinarily funny and entertaining. You showed an outstanding ability to humanise your experiences as a consumer in such a delightful, entertaining yet still sensitive manner.  You certainly helped to de-stigmatise and raise the profile of Mental Health consumers.  You are quite an inspiration and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to to others.”

Fred Kong, Chief Executive Officer, The Richmond Fellowship of NSW Tel 612 9701 3600

"The Anglican Counselling Service has been overwhelmed by responses to the Mental Health First Aid courses in Northern Inland NSW which is largely due to Fay's great facilitation skills, her knowledge and understanding of the subject mixed with humour and her sharing from personal experience making possible a recent state award for the Service in raising community awareness of mental health issues. Thank you Fay and keep up the great work."

Rev. Brian Kirk, Executive Director, Greater Armidale Anglican Counselling Service, Tamworth.

" Fay visited Alice Springs in mid-June 2008 as Guest Speaker for a public forum to help raise community awareness around mental illness. With a wide array of personal (and often colourful!) stories, Fay's passion and dedication to helping destigmatise mental illness shone through. Her presentation was rich with information, warm, humourous and highly engaging, and all who attended greatly appreciated the insights and wisdom she shared.  Thanks Fay. It was wonderful to meet you. Fay also delivered 2 workshops -‘Supporting Health Workers' and ‘Young People and Mental Illness.'  Both workshops were well attended and left people wanting to more."

Rita Riedel, Training & Promotions Officer, Mental Health Association of Central Australia

"The way Fay presents the Mental Health Awareness training material is so unique. I have never experienced such an inspiring, down to earth and memorable educational programme before."

David Ailwood, Employee Relations Coordinator. Department of Education and Training, Illawarra & South Coast.

"Fay your work with us at the Downer Engineering conference added value to our organisation through a greater awareness of the effects of mental illness in the workplace and gave a lot for our senior management team to consider. Your ability to articulate and deliver the message is second to none."

Regards, Greg Skyring, Operations Manager Queensland, Downer Electrical Pty Ltd

"I hope that your inspiration encourages many in your audiences to do what they can to help control this most serious problem in our communities and be interventionist and not passive until a tragedy occurs.

I am most impressed by you Fay and will continue to support your ideals."

T J Brady, Mayor, Lachlan City Council

"Your service is extremely valuable. The majority of HR issues we have experienced and many of our WHS issues have had a root cause in stress and mental health issues. After your training and facilitation of changes we have seen a marked improvement in productivity, moral, profits and employee relations. We are not only solving issues but are preventing problems from occurring."

Mark, Business manager of a major transport service.

"I learnt more practical and sustainable solutions from your delivery of the Mental health First Aid Course than I did during my entire degree in psychology at university."

Sara, Private psychologist.

"Until I heard your (Fay Jackson) educational and inspiring speech I had no idea that the way I was dealing with people I was called to pick up was affecting their immediate health and the outcomes of the future of both the individual and their family. We must change the way we are dealing with people with mental health problems."

George, Police Sergeant

"We just thought that (names withheld) were problem kids and to tell you the truth we just wanted rid of them, now we have ways to support not only (names withheld) but other students and our staff who have mental health issues. Since undertaking your course several of our staff realized that they too needed support and solutions to difficulties they had been dealing with for some time. I did not expect such far reaching or positive outcomes."

William, Headmaster of a secondary school.


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