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The news page includes upcoming events and if you scroll down further it also includes past events. For any information please contact Fay on 0438472254 or

NSW Mental Health Commission

For information about the NSW Mental Health Commission and to have input into their startegic plan please go to

Kiama Rotary Club

This year Fay has taught another Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate course and will be teaching another adult course for the Kiama Rotary Club. This is the 9th year that Fay has delivered the classes for this community and the club reports that they have now brought education about mental ill health, including suicide prevention, to over 700 people. The club is very excited and grateful that the Illawarra Mutual Building Society has come on board with sponsorship.

Australian Day Hospital Association

Fay spoke as keynote speaker at the Australian Day Hospital Association Conference.

Fay will be speaking about mental health and stress management for staff in day hospitals. The address will be funny, insiteful and educational. To find out more and to register go to

Film making for the Benevolent Society

Fay has had the honour of being asked to partner with the Benevolent Society and Free World Films to make two DVDs. One will be about what it means to recover and be a peer worker and the other will be with about recovery from the perspective of some of the Benevolent Societies participants. Anna Georgia from Free World Films will be filming and editing this important project.

Emerald, Central Queensland

Once again I had the great honour of bringing Mental Health First Aid, Stress Management and Recovery training to the people of Emerald, Central Queensland. I would like to thank Anglicare, Central Queensland for sponsoring the training and in particular Rebecca Pfinsgt for all of her work and support and Deb Dziewicki for her vision since the first year I presented the training to the Emerald community.

CEOM Northern Region
Catholic Schools Leadership Conference - The Art of Possibility Conference

Fay delivered a comedic and educational keynote speech at the The Art of Possibility Conference in Melbourne on the 9th of June. It was a wonderful conference and Fay had the great honour of speeking privately with many of the dedicated headmasters and leaders of the Catholic Education Department, Northern Region.


Hansen and Yuncken Mental Health Training

"I had the good fortune of attending the (4 hour) Mental Health and Stress Management training in Newcastle last week and would like to convey to you how impressed I was with the course. Fay Jackson the course facilitator was exceptional and I believe the content was particularly pertinent to what we all do in the industry. If the two day version of the course becomes available I would jump at the opportunity in attending. I will also be recommending to all staff who work with me that they attend the 4hr course.I have already had to use some of the techniques the course imparted in identifying and supporting a colleague who is suffering from stress and anxiety. (not me) Without the training I would have approached the situation in an entirely different and incorrect manner." Mick Parker, Site Manager , Hansen Yuncken

To find out more please contact Claudine Lucus on

Aboriginal Services, State Training Services Department of Education and Training

Fay delivered the Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid to the Aboriginal Services, State Training Services Department of Education and Training in Dubbo. It was a great honour to be asked to deliver this course for Barry Williams and his staff again. For more information email Barry at Williams, Barry []


Defence Department Hydrographic Office Mental Health First Aid Training

We had the honour of delivering the Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid certificate course to the managers and staff of the Defence Department Hydrographic Office in Wollongong. The training went very well and Fay has been asked to deliver another session in the future.

"So, thank you again for delivering training in a difficult topic area – I'm still very keen to run the training again in a few months time, and already have a good list of people interested – some of whom are now interested after talking with people who attended the sessions this week".

Rebecca Cusac, Deputy Director Business Management, Hydrographic Department, Australian Defence Force. For more information please contact Rebecca Cusack at

St Johns First Aid South Coast NSW

Fay will be delivering the Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid certificate to the members of St John First Aid, South Coast, NSW. John Dalby has already undertaken the training with Fay and will now be running it out to his first aiders. For more information contact John at


International Woman's Day

Fay was this years keynote speaker for International Woman's Day for Victoria University. The subject was Mental Health in the Workplace for Women. A wonderful lunch was shared before the very informative and humorous keynote took place.

Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid

Fay has undergone the training for the new Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid And the Edition 2 Youth Mental Health First Aid and has been accredited to deliver both. The Edition 2 Adult Mental Health First Aid covers the subjects of:

  • Why Mental Health First Aid
  • How to deliver MHFA
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Non suicidal self harm
  • Anxiety
  • How to help after a traumatic event
  • Psychotic Disorders including bipolar and schizophrenia
  • Drug and alcohol

The Edition 2 Youth Mental Health First Aid includes all of the above from a youth perspective as well as eating disorders. If you would like to book the Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid please call Fay on 0438472254 or email her on

NSW CAG and the Mental Health Association

NSW CAG and the Mental Health Association have joined hands once again to bring the new Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid to their staff. The new training will ensure their staff are up on the latest methods of supporting people who have mental health issues and their carers, families and friends. Fay will be delivering the new course which covers the topics mentioned above.

New Horizons Mental Health First Aid

New Horizons are brining the new Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid to their staff. If you are a staff member and would like to undergo the training just contact Nu 02 9490 0004 and put your name down.


Kiama Rotary and Mental Health First Aid

The new Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid for Adults and the new Edition 2 Mental Health First Aid for Youth will be run by the Kiama Rotary Club again this year. This will be the 5th year in a row that the Kiama Club has sponsored Fay to deliver the two courses to the Kiama community. These courses are extremely popular and are booked out usually weeks in advance so if you would like to attend contact Dick Groom on 0242332284. The adult course will be run on the 8th and 9th June and the youth MHFA on the 16th and 17th of June.

The course is free to people who reside in the Kiama municipality and a small charge to people who live outside of the area, businesses and services. For more information contact Dick.

Family & Carer Mental Health Program (Western Sydney)

Carer Day – 30 April 2010

Venue: Crowne Plaza
30 Phillip Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
(5-10 minute walk from train station)

Time: 10.00am to 4.30pm
(Registration starts at 9.30am)

Cost: FREE to carers of people with a mental illness, living in Western Sydney.

Fay will be the keynote speaker at this years Family & Carer Mental Health conference. This Carer Day aims to provide carers of people with a mental illness a chance to focus on themselves for a day. Presentations on the day will include a wide variety of topics but all will hopefully contribute to make the caring journey a little easier. Speakers will provide information about programs that are in place to support carers, measures the NSW Police are taking to educate frontline police in mental health issues, and provide first hand experiences of their journey with mental illness or as a carer of someone with a mental illness. Carers will also be exposed to strategies and techniques that will hopefully help them manage the stress in their lives more effectively. Contact Gerald Haslinger on 02 88428289.

Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA) Conference

On behalf of the Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA) Conference Organising Committee, it is my great pleasure to invite you to our second National Conference ‘Golden Opportunities’ which is being held at The Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast on 6, 7 and 8 May 2010.

Fay Jackson will be one of the keynote speakers and will be speaking on Teamwork and Mental Health. For further information go the the website

Tell Some One Who Cares

Fay will be keynote speaker at the upcoming Tell Some One Who Cares conference at Darling Harbour in Sydney. Fay will be speaking about her experiences in managing her mental illness, recovery and tools to make living with mental illness easier. For more information go to the website

University of Technology Sydney Conference Dinner

Fay was keynote speaker at the University of Technology Sydney conference dinner, EOPHEA - Equal Opportunity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia

Theme of this year's conference was:

Excellence for All: Social Inclusion in Higher Education

Fay Awarded Master Trainer Status

Fay Jackson has been awarded Master Trainer status as a trainer for the Mental Health First Aid Certificate Courses, through Melbourne University, Orygen Research Centre.

Fay was nominated for NSW Woman of the Year and attended the ceremony at Government House Sydney.

Finalists in International Awards

The Family Law Courts of Australia and Fay Jackson of Vision In Mind are celebrating that they have made it to the finals of the international TheMHS Awards. These prestigious awards only acknowledge the best practices in workplaces, the community and research. This year's TheMHS conference is being held in New Zealand in September which is when the winner will be announced. Fay and the Family Law Courts have been working together for the past 18 months educating their entire frontline staff and managers in mental illness, writing policies and protocols and training managers to support their staff in their very stressful work.

The feedback which is being received from the clients of the family law courts is outstanding and staff have saved a number of lives from suicide since the training began. Congratulations go out to all.

One of the Family Law Court classes and props.

Workplace Mental Health Training

Mental Health First Aid Edition 2- Course Overview

This nationally accredited and internationally recognized course is a practical, engaging, and stimulating workshop. It teaches you to recognize the different stages of mental health from the early warning signs through to acute mental illness and how to deal with it.

It empowers people to best manage issues involved in mental health and is particularly important in WHS, HR, diversity, HR Management, workplace relations and customer service.

Participants will be provided with tools and knowledge which will enable them to feel in control, rather than stumbling around in the dark, reactive and fearful. Managers and staff will feel more confident in dealing with colleagues, clients and members of the general public who have stress

Workplace Mental Health - Course Overview

This certificate course has been developed in consultation with directors, managers and
researchers from frequently asked questions and concerns. Tools provided in this course include workplace accords, goal setting, work-life-balance, SWOT analysis templates, etc. Minimize your sick leave, accidents, stress payouts and insurance premiums by introducing these simple tools.

This informative workshop in Mental Health in the workplace leads delegates through practical tools which will aid them to improve the WHS , HR, Diversity and Customer
Service outcomes for their company.

Managers, team leaders and representatives in their fields will be relieved to find how these simple and sustainable solutions can be utilized and their bottom line, workplace culture and public reputation improved.

Who Should Attend This Course

Managers, Team Leaders, WHS, HR and Diversity Managers and Staff, Front-line & Customer Service staff, community and recruitment services.

Call 1300 659 467 for Help For Feelings of Suicide

New National Suicide Call Back Service launched to support Rural Australia run by Crisis Support Services, Victoria. Referral line for people at risk of suicide, people caring for someone who is suicidal or people bereaved by suicide. The service offers 6 x 50 minute telephone counseling sessions over a period of up to 6 months. The service is designed to provide support to people who are not linked in with any other professional supports, and are experiencing difficulty in securing other emotional support. The number is 1300 659 467 and is available 24 hours everyday.

Federal Magistrates Court Associates Conference

Fay was a keynote speaker at the Federal Magistrates Court Associates Conference in Melbourne on the 30th of September, 2009. The talk will be on recognizing the symptoms of mental illness in clients.

Shoalhaven Beautiful Souls Program - 10th October 2009

Once again this year Shoalhaven city council is running the Beautiful Souls program in Mental Health week. Fay has been the keynote speaker at this forum for the past 5 years and it continues to be engaging and educational. This year it will be held at the Tea Club in Nowra Saturday 10th October, 2009, 12.30pm - 4pm

The Tea Club - There will be live bands and free finger foods.
For more information call Donna on 0244293418

Southeast Asia Regional Climate Change and Health Issues - November 12th 2009

Fay will be delivering 2 keynote addresses at the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Change and Health Issues held on Nov.12, 2009, in Tainan , Taiwan . This workshop is part of the SARCS (Southeast Asia Regional Committee for START) capacity building program for 2009.

The talks will be entitled:

Climate Change and Mental Health: Natural Disasters and Psychological Sequelae

Climate Change and Mental Health: Socioeconomic Vulnerability

NSW CAG - Mental Health Week 2009

Fay will be keynote speaker at NSW CAGS • “It's only 1/100 th of me” Challenging stigma faced by people with a mental illness.

Mental Health Week 2009 will see NSW CAG continue its campaign to address stigma and discrimination faced by people who experience mental illness. A free public screening of our DVD “It's only 1/100th of me – Stories of 6 people challenging stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness” will be hosted at the Chauvel Cinema. One of the people on the DVD, Fay Jackson, Director of Vision in Mind, will also talk about her experiences of stigma and discrimination on the evening.

The Sydney Street Choir, whose members are homeless or disadvantaged men and women will also be performing on the night. The mission of the Choir is to connect with, inspire and empower those living and working in homeless or disadvantaged communities through creating music, performance and passionate expression that truly opens people's hearts.

This is an opportunity to see and hear first-hand accounts which demonstrate how stigma and discrimination is experienced and how people with mental illness have lives and identities outside their illness.

What: Free Public DVD Screening: “It's only 1/100th of me – Stories of 6 people challenging stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness” Plus special performance by the ‘Sydney Street Choir'

When: 7th October 2009, 6.30 pm – 8.30pm

Where: Chauvel Cinema, Paddington Town Hall, Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd, NSW 2021

Limited Seats: Reserve Yours Today

To register for the event contact:
Jamie McDonald
Tel: (02) 9332 0200 or
For more information visit

Richmond Fellowship of NSW

Fay will be conducting Mental Health First Aid Certificate courses for Richmond Fellowship during the coming months. She has just completed teaching at the Sydney Office. On 13-14th October, 2009 the class will be run at the New Castle office.

On the 11th and 12th of November, the course will be run at the Dubbo Office.

On the 24 th and 25th of November the course will run at the Wagga office .

For more information contact Valli Beattie, Workforce Development Officer on 02 97013641.

Carers Assist Conference - 20th October 2009

On the 20th of October Fay will be speaking at the Carers Assist Conference for carers of people with mental Illness being held at Narooma. For more information call Paula Howe on 02 62429044.

COPMI, Children of People with Mental Illness

COPMI, Children of People with Mental Illness is holding it's world first conference in Adelaide. Fay will be a part of a panel speaking on Stay Well Action Plans. For more information go to their website

Further Award Nominations

Fay has been nominated in two categories for the Pride of Australia Medal. The first category is Community Spirit and the second category is Role Model. Finalists will not be chosen until the end of August, so there is a little time to wait to see if she will be chosen yet. Whether she does or  not she is very proud and honoured to have been nominated.

She has also been nominated for a local award, The Local Hero Awards, for Outstanding Effort in the Local Community, sponsored by i98 and AHM.

Again Fay is truly humbled, grateful and proud to have been nominated. Fay does not know who the nominators are and would like to thank them personally, so if you are on our mailing list, please let us know so that Fay can contact you.


On the 20th of October Fay will be speaking at the Carers Assist Conference being held at Narooma. For more information call Paula Howe on 02 62429044.

9th International Mental Health Conference

Fay has been invited to present the Vision In Mind Mental Health in the Workplace Tools  at the 9th International Mental Health Conference. The conference this year is focusing on mental health in the workplace through Managing the Psychologically Injured Worker.

The Mental Health Services Conference, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand, here we come. Fay has been invited to deliver two papers at the 2008 TheMHS conference in Auckland this year. One paper is about people who have both Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness and the second paper is about the work she has been doing with the Family Law Courts of Australia and how this is a model program for other workplaces and government agencies.

TheMHS annual conference

Be the change you want

2 - 5 September 2008 

18th annual TheMHS conference

Auckland Convention Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

2008 Queenslands Landcare Conference

21st-24th September, Monto, Queensland

To Infinity ... and beyond
The theme of this year's Landcare Conference is Infinity:  Sustainability by Design.  The conference will have four streams which focus on sustainability - those streams are: landscapes, lifestyles, livelihoods and landspeak.

Fay has been asked to present the keynote speech and two workshops at this years conference. The organizers of the conference should be congratulated for looking outside of the square in consideration of the care for their delegates.

Perth Rotary Conference District 9470

Perth district 9470 Rotary Club  has invited Fay to give a speech at the Perth Rotary Conference as a representative of The Australian Rotary Health Research Fund. She will be speaking about living with Bipolar Disorder.

New Horizons Conference

November 10-11 will see the New Horizons Mental Health Support Workers Conference being held at the City Gate Hotel Haymarket Sydney. Fay has been asked to give 2 keynote addresses and to run 4 workshops on advocacy, mental health in the workplace, VIM mental health tools for the workplace, dual disability, and sex and mental health.


Fay Jackson and Vision In Mind have been working with the Family Law Courts of Australia to run out a national mental health and suicide prevention education program.

On Sunday night the Court received an Honourable Mention at the annual Suicide Prevention Australia - LiFe Awards.

The LiFe Awards are organised by Suicide Prevention Australia annually in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day to acknowledge the vital work that is being undertaken in the prevention of suicide across Australia.

The LiFe Awards were initiated by Suicide Prevention Australia in 2004 as part of a commitment to recognise the important work being done by a large number of community groups and concerned individuals to prevent suicide.

Fay Awarded Master Trainer Status

Fay Jackson has been awarded Master Trainer status as a trainer for the Mental Health First Aid Certificate Courses, through Melbourne University, Orygen Research Centre.

Fay was nominated for NSW Woman of the Year and attended the ceremony at Government House Sydney.


Fay with Catherine Burns who won the Woman of the Year Award at Government House Sydney.
Catherine was awarded Woman of the Year for her leadership and consultative approach to
policing in Redfern. Vision In Mind congratulates Catherine for her hard work and award.


Fay Jackson and Prof. Vaughan Carr were keynote speakers at the June NEEOPA meeting in Sydney

Fay with Bryce Courtney

2008 - past events

Vision In Mind have spent much of the past 2 years working on a national contract for The Family Law Courts of Australia. Fay has delivered the Mental Health First Aid Certificate training to all of the frontline staff and their managers. She has also taught the managers the Vision In Mind Mental Health in the Workplace Tools. The project has been nominated for several awards.


"Our workplace has recognised the need for change in how we address the mental health and emotional well being of our staff. Introducing Stay Well Action Plans has given managers in our organisation a really useful tool that allows us to take both a coordinated and collaborative approach in responding to mental health issues.

I have been able to tailor the Stay Well Action Plan to fit individual needs and circumstances and at the same time allow the responsibility for a staff members mental health needs to be in their control with an agreement on how I can best support my staff member clearly in place.

Thanks Fay for providing us with a tool that assists managers identify best how we can support our staff and work towards positive mental health outcomes together.

Julie Greig, Operations Manager, Family Law Courts, Adelaide Registry

"The feedback from our staff following the mental health training delivered by Fay has been extremely positive. Overall, staff have an increased awareness of mental health issues. They feel more confident in asking clients questions relating to mental health and emotional well being and they can appropriately assist clients access services in the community that provide support in preventative, responsive and emergency situations."

Bob Gregory, Manager National Projects, Family Court of Australia

Anglican Counselling Service (Diocese of Armidale)

Tamworth and Walcha were the next two towns in the series of Mental Health First Aid courses Fay has delivered in this region.

"The Anglican Counselling Service has been overwhelmed by responses to the Mental Health First Aid courses in Northern Inland NSW which is largely due to Fay's great facilitation skills, her knowledge and understanding of the subject mixed with humour and her sharing from personal experience making possible a recent state award for the Service in raising community awareness of mental health issues. Thank you Fay and keep up the great work."

Rev. Brian Kirk, Executive Director, Greater Armidale Anglican Counselling Service, Tamworth

Kiama Rotary Club sponsored classes: Fay taught the Mental Health First Aid classes to community members which were sponsored by the Kiama Rotary club. One class was a youth class and the other a general class. Both classes were filled to capacity and a had a waiting list.

Dual Disability conference: Dual Disability is the condition of having both mental illness and intellectual disability. Fay was the keynote speaker at the CAN Mental Health conference in Sydney.

2007 - past events

Saw much of the year working with the Family Law Courts.

The Rural Mental Health Conference: Mental Health in The Work Place was the theme for Fays presentation at the Rural Mental Health Conference held at Batemans Bay.

The International Bipolar Conference: Fay gave 2 presentations at the International Bipolar Conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney. one on bipolar in the workplace and the other on the value of the personal story.

Anglican Counselling Service (Diocese of Armidale): Tamworth and Glenn Inness were the next two towns in the series of Mental Health First Aid courses Fay has delivered in this region.

Kiama Rotary Club sponsored classes: Fay taught the Mental Health First Aid classes to community members which were sponsored by the Kiama Rotary club. Both classes were filled to capacity and a had a waiting list.

Illawarra Womans Aboriginal Elders: Fay was asked to be guest speaker at the Illawarra Womans Aboriginal Elders. Fay and the ladies discussed the damage caused to our mental health when we are sexually abused.

2006 - past events

6 December 2006: Fay was nominated for the Prime Ministers Award for Employer of the Year, 2006 and invited to be a guest of Prime Minister John Howard and Dr Sharman Stone Minister for Workforce Participation at the Prime Ministers Employer of the Year Awards in the Great Hall Parliament House Canberra. (Can you hear her giggling in the back ground?).

1 December, 2006: Fay was keynote speaker at the Mater Di Duel Disability (mental illness and intellectual disability) conference in Campbelltown for more information contact the Mater Di college Campbelltown.

21 November, 2006: Fay was key note speaker at the Hope St Employment Support dinner, Campbell St Darlinghurst. Fay will be speaking about the importance and motivation in having employment when you have a mental illness.

6, 7 November, 2006: The community of Walcha under the incredible efforts of Mary Hoare raised funds to have Fay teach the Mental Health First Aid Certificate in Walcha. Fay says " I love teaching the MHFA course in communities where the community has raised the funds, People engage fully with the course and I feel so humbled to be a part of the transformations that take place in the community through the raising of awareness about mental health". For further information contact Mary Hoare on 02 67772535.

26 October, 2006: The 5th in a series of Mental Health First Aid Certificate Courses being sponsored by the Tamworth Anglican Counselling Service. For more information contact the ACS however this course was filled as soon as it was announced. The ACS may be sponsoring more in the future. The Service won the 2006 Mental Health in the Community Award for this series of workshops being conducted by Fay. They should be well proud of their achievements.

24 October, 2006: Fay joined Aboriginal Women in Nowra to share about sexual abuse and mental illness. Fay feels extremely honoured to have been asked to share this time with these brave women.

18 October, 2006: Fay Jackson spoke at the Sydney Safety Show Conference. The title of her talk was "A Different Kind of Normal - Dealing with the Issues and Providing Solutions to Stress and Mental Illness in the Workplace".

17,18,19 October, 2006 The Sydney Safety Show. : Vision In Mind featured at the Safety Show. The World Health Organisation has said that by the year 2020 mental illness will be the leading cause of disability loss of revenue in the first world, so to attempt to counteract this Vision In Mind is offering a 20/20 campaign to ensure more people learn about mental health in the Workplace.

October Is 9-14, 2006 is Mental Health Week!!!!!!!!

(Hmm, but shouldn't every week be mental health week????)

To celebrate Vision In Mind launched their new website.

September, 2006: Mental Health First Aid Courses in Kiama

Fay was the guest speaker at the launch of Kiama Rotary Clubs annual Antique Fair. Kiama Rotary club have decided that the proceeds of this years charity fair are to be spent on mental health education within the community. They have engaged Fay to teach 4 Mental Health First Aid Courses in Kiama. The courses will focus on 4 key areas, one course for each area. They are as follows:

August 24, 2006: Fay was key note speaker at the School Councillors Conference, Craigiburn, Bowral. Fay has since had a number of the participants at this conference join her next Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course.

June 28-29, 2006: DET Aboriginal leaders MHFA Certificate Course, Sydney. Aboriginal people from over NSW came together to learn the MHFA course in Sydney. The people present also taught Fay a great deal about their people. Fay would like to thank them for the honour of both teaching them and being taught by them.

June 16, 2006: Fay Was key note speaker at the Synergy Conference on Duel Diagnosis in Wollongong.

June 14, 2006: Fay and Professor Vaughn Carr were keynote speakers at the NEEOPA conference in Sydney.


June 6, 2006

Fay was presented with an Award at Parliament House Sydney by CAN for her work for the consumer movement in Australia via her work through the Rotary Health Research Fund. Fay would like to thank both CAN and Joy Gillet and Cheryl Deguara of the Rotary Health Research Fund for their support and this award. " I feel so honoured and humbled to be a part of ARHRF and the positive changes we are bring about for our community. The people I have met, loved and some of whom have died while I have been working in mental health in this way have all given me a reason to live and I am determined that their suffering and deaths will not be in vain, thank you so much CAN for this award and I offer it for all of our people." said Fay.

May 9, 2006: Fay spoke to the ITEC Aboriginal Leaders Conference in Wollongong. The speech was very well received and a Mental Health First Aid Course was booked to run for NSW Aboriginal leaders in employment, education and training.

May 4, 2006: Anna Georgia directed, filmed, edited and produced a short film about Fay and her relationship to her as her mother and their lives with bipolar. This was Anna's first film, it was short listed for the Hope Awards. Fay and George attended the Greater Union Cinema in George St Sydney to view the films and accept the acknowledgement on Anna's behalf as she is now producing another film in Italy and England. For more information and a copy of this film contact Fay at

April 6 and 7, 2006: Fay conducted the MHFA course for a group of students at the Vincentia High School. The students were from year 11 and were incredibly brave and involved learners. It was a great honour to meet and teach these students some of whom knew first hand how difficult mental illness can be but how empowering it is to overcome it and to learn to control it. The Vincentia High Scholl must be congratulated for supporting their students and this course.

March 20 and 21, 2006: Fay spoke at the Mental Health Summit being held at the Carlton Crest Hotel Sydney. This summit had an impressive line up of speakers and dignitaries.

March 14,15 and 16, 2006: Fay was Key Note Speaker at a Youth Mental Health Forum at Condobilin, followed by a Public Mental Health Forum on the evening of the 15th. Approximately 150 students attended the school forum and the questions that were asked of the panel were insightful and mature. Fay was very well received by the students.

The evening forum was also very well attended and the Mayor of Condobilin welcomed everyone and actually stayed for the forum, which Fay was impressed by because all too often the mayors and politicians are having to run off to there events which is a great shame when you consider that it is these very people who are in a position of power and decision making. If they do not stay to hear the concerns their constituents raise at these forums how will they know how important the issue of Mental Health is?

March 13 and 27th, 2006: A select group of Warrilla High School students undertook the Mental Health First Aid Course on these days. 25 students involved in the Mentoring Program had the opportunity to acquire the MHFA certificate upon the completion of the course. Fay was amazed and excited by the maturity and understanding of this group of students. They were attentive throughout the entire course and they understood it all so easily. "When I teach such young people I am excited and hopeful that the stigmatizing attitudes of previous generations is falling away. In every course I ask "what are some names that people with mental illness get called". People in older generations can run off numerous names and quotes, however this is decreasing rapidly with the younger generations. Certainly every time a person is called 'schizo' or 'freak' is a time too many, but the younger people are also much more ready to talk about mental health issues. I do have hope for the future of our country and its people."

March 8-9, 2006 Warialda, NSW: Fay taught the Mental Health First Aid Course to a group of 40 participants from the Warialda (40 minutes from Moree) area of NSW. The course was incredibly well received by all participants as the feedback sheets attests. "You could feel the change in attitude and hope in the room. It really was palpable. Fay made it all so relevant and enjoyable to learn. So much information but also the humour and personal insights she adds make it all so tangible " one person commented.

Fay would like to thank the Anglican Counselling Service and Brian Kirk for sponsoring the course and the public forum which was held on the evening of the 9th of March.

Brian has invited Fay to teach the MHFA course again. Please see Dates below.

February 2 and 3, 2006: The Dual Disability of Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness.

Fay taught the Mental health First Aid Course to the South Coast Region Adult and Community College educators. This course was delivered with an emphasis on Duel Disability, that is the disability of both Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness. The course was very well received with all feedback sheets indicating that the course had given people the education and confidence they were needing to face this very challenging area. Please contact Fay for any information

2005 - past events

19 August 2005: Fay addressed the annual Catholic Education Departments Leadership dinner in Wollongong on Friday 19th August. The women and leadership dinner was held at Villa D'oro, 39-40 Flinders Street, North Wollongong. For information call the Wollongong Catholic Education Office on 02 42 53 0800. The evening proved to be exciting, educational, passionate and challenging as Fay talked about mental health from a personal, work experience and WHS perspective. 1:5 people in any 12 month period have a mental illness and this number increases dramatically in the adolescent years. We loose more of our young men to suicide than we do to road accidents, and 4 times the number of you young women attempt suicide or self harm. Fay offers sustainable and creative solutions to the problems that staff, parents and students face in mental health.

10-12 September 2005: Fay Jackson from Vision in Mind was key note speaker at the Downer Engineering Qld, 2005 Conference. Fay spoke on Mental Health in the Workplace and the effects such rapid growth as Downer Engineering has enjoyed can have upon employees. Downer has asked Fay to help them facilitate education and programs which will support their managers and staff through the incredible change and growth they are experiencing. for further information contact Greg Skyring.

6 October 2005: The Beautiful Souls Day at Huskisson. Fay was the key note speaker at two public forums held on this day. These incredibly successful events organized by Ruth Dane and Allan Blackshaw of Shoalhaven City Council and David McDonald of the Husky Herald saw the Huskisson Community hall filled to standing space only. Paul Greene, the incredible singer, songwriter and musician enthralled people with his music. Neither Fay nor the organizers expected such large crowds, which to their surprise included Joanna Gash, Federal Member for Gilmore and Shelley Handcock, State member for Shoalhaven. Fay gave special appreciation to all who came noting that it is unusual for politicians to care enough about Mental Health to give of their time to attend the complete forums as Joanna and Shelley had. For further details please contact David McDonald by email or phone the Husky Herald on 02 4441 5903. Alternatively you can contact Alan Blackshaw , Community Development Officer , Ageing and Disability , Shoalhaven City Council by phone 02 44293411 or email

Extra Note: David McDonald won the Mental Health Associations, Shoalhaven Branch, Media award for his coverage of this important matter both in the lead up and analysis of the event.

And Shoalhaven City Council were awarded a certificate by the State Mental Health Association for the design and implementation of the Beautiful Souls Program.

10 October 2005: Fay was guest speaker at the South Eastern Sydney Illawarra RECOVERY FORUM as part of Mental Health Week this year.

12th October 2005: Fay Jackson was the keynote speaker at the Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Service's Executive and Senior Managers Forum. This was the press release from Mike Peterson:

"Next Wednesday we have a rare opportunity to hear an inspirational speaker - Fay Jackson -offering her courageous and outspoken views on mental health and how it's perceived.

She's a gutsy, passionate advocate for people with mental health problems. She knows what she's talking about, having tamed bipolar disorder. She's one of the best presenters I've ever seen.

Try to get to Hornsby Hospital Staff Lounge on Wednesday 12 October.
You won't regret it".

For further information email Myra Read [] or ph 02 98893099.

22-23 October 2005: Fay Jackson was a keynote speaker at the Rotary District 9710 Conference in Goulburn. You can find out about the conference by visiting their website at . Fay spoke about mental health/illness in the rural and remote communities of Australia as well as her personal involvement with mental health and work place stress. Fay has spoken at many Rotary conferences and has always been rewarded with a standing ovation for her candor, passion, knowledge and activism in mental health. You are assured of a life changing, challenging and educational experience if you attend her speeches.

27-28 October 2005: Illawarra and South Coast Regional Youth Services Conference, Craigiburn, Bowral.

Fay was invited to be the keynote speaker at this important event. Her speech was titled ‘The Humour, Passion and Power of Mental Health, Destroy the stigma of mental illness and you will liberate the individual and their community’. Fay challenged every member of the audience to break down the barriers of mental health and to be empowered to make “The Difference in their own lives and the lives of our youth and community. Fay also be ran a shortened version of the wonderful, Mental Health First Aid course which was designed by Betty Kitchener and Tony Jorm. The adapted version of this powerful tool was called ‘Mental Health First Aid, Short, Sweet and Sustainable’. For more information log onto the website

7-9 December CINP/ASPR Scientific Meeting Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre: Fay was chosen as the 2005 winner of the ASPR Consumer Researcher Award.

Fay spoke about employment, education, support, rehabilitation and empowerment of people with Mental Health issues.
Session Title: Work and Mental Illness. For further information about the conference contact

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